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Privacy policy

Every website has some restrictions and peculiarities in their privacy policy. So, let’s review some of find-bride’s privacy rules, which every user should be aware of. After reviewing this article, you will definitely make up your mind about this dating website and its policy.

During the usage of any website you are leaving some sort of your personal information on it. It doesn’t matter if you are a registered user or just a visitor, you are sharing your data anyway. That’s why for your personal understanding of the entire policy you should attentively read this article.

Prior answering the most frequent question, let’s mention that all the collected info will never be shared with anybody and is used only for some internal needs. It is guaranteed by the administration.

  1. What special data every user is sharing?
    It isn’t a secret that you are leaving some type of information on every website automatically. To this data we relate ID number and your real location.
    During the site’s usage you are leave other sort of info for the internal used only. So, you are sharing such data as your name, date of birth, email and real address. You may also leave some additional contacts if you want, but they aren’t obligatory. For instance, you can mention your phone number or one more valid email address.
    Remember that all the mentioned data in your profile is also seen to the other members and it won’t be shared with other people outside find-bride, though a huge amount of people could see your info and photos.
  2. Why such kind of information is collected?
    There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is done for monitoring of some statistical facts in terms of find-bride.com. Such data is mainly used for the improvements of the resource and general statistics.
    Also this info is collected for the notification of the site’s members. As a rule, all the users are notified via an email, because this function is automatically switched on during the registration. Nevertheless, some user unsubscribe it and may be notified only about some emergent cases.
    Sometimes, it terms of emergency, you may be contacted by your phone number or other available email addresses.
  3. Age limitations
    A visitor cannot register his/her account if he/she is younger than 18 years.
  4. What sort of changes you can do with your personal info?
    You can modify everything you want by using your personal account, though for deleting of an information you should contact with the support team.
  5. About payment security
    Your transactions security is quarantined by Multicards.com.