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Our unforgettable story

Hi! I would like to share my love story with all users out there, who don’t believe in online dating. Guys, it is possible, just try it.

Maybe it will sound a little bit strange, but I still want to share my story with everybody. My story started with a vivid dream about my marriage. It was so realistic and only one thing bothered me; the women was from another country and I didn’t meet her prior marriage. Such vivid dreams were rare for me, that’s why I remembered it.

In a month or so, I talked with my friend who had just returned from a trip to Ukraine and he flew there to meet a woman from a dating website. His story interested me greatly and I decided to try this resource as well. At that time, I had no relations and I couldn’t meet the woman I would like for a long period. My registration on findbridecomments was not like something meaningful, just a try.

I communicated with lots of pretty women on findbridecomments.com and all of them had some specialties. That’s why, for rather long time period I tried to understand the users whom I chatted with, their intentions and aims. This period of my life was so joyful, I didn’t expected anything just observe. And Slavic women are the type of people that impressed me with lots of things.

I got acquainted with Marina the same way I met other user on the dating website. I reviewed a profile and contacted her. I wrote this girl, because she impressed me with her beauty and meaningful words in her profile. Such a young girl and at the same time such an experience and intelligent. It was strange, but I recollected my old dream about a wedding and she was my bride in this dream. Marina was almost like a girl from my imagination. Because of this odd coincidence, I decided to build real relations with her at least to try.

After few days of our communication, I proposed her to have a real date and she immediately agreed. She said that virtual acquaintance would never lead to meaningful relations without a meeting. We agreed to have a date in her hometown in Lviv. Wow… what a fantastic first impression I had, she was gorgeous. Marina wore something casual, but she looked so elegant and tender in her outfit. I understood that it was my destiny.

Everything in our life happens for a reason and this dream and our online acquaintance was meant to occur with me. That’s why, I didn’t meet a woman in my neighborhood, because I needed to find her. And now I appreciate this relations more than anything else. So, if you hesitate to register on a dating website or not to, it is totally up to your case. Maybe you would find a true love there, but if not it will definitely show you some new life perspectives and chances.

As for our story, we are living together right now. She quit her job and moved in with me. Now we are planning our wedding and talking about kids. She desperately wants to have three children and I support her in this desire. So, we are a usual happy couple with some small misunderstandings. We are not ideal, as it may look like from the story; though we deserved our family happiness.