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To begin with, I am mad about all these chatting platforms where you can interact with lots of people at the same time. It is my hobby, to find new people and learn about their culture, traditions and about personality in general. It is like an online psychology for me, I try to understand others and at the same time interpret my own decisions and impulsive acts.

So my registration on findbridecomments was like on other similar platforms. I found it and decided to learn something new about Slavic beauties. I didn’t expect that it would turn out to be meaningful for me.

Not to bore you with all the little details, I’d like to mention that I found my wife on find-bride.com. At the very beginning of our communication it was more like friendly chatting, though with time it developed into serious and meaningful relations. I didn’t even notice the fact that we started discussing our relations and planning them.

The thing that helped me was my sincerity. I didn’t promise anything to Natasha, immediately after our acquaintance I said that I wasn’t searching for anything serious and she accepted my rules. That’s why, at the beginning it was more like friendly chats, but when you start feeling something to your online girlfriend and desperately search for real meeting then you may start suspect that your relation are no longer friendly.

I madly wanted to see Nata in real life and I flew to Kyiv. She impressed me even more than during our virtual chats and video conversations. I can say that it was love from the first sight. She interested me with her manners, thoughtfulness and of course with the voice. Such feminine appearance and manners impressed me greatly.

After this first date, I returned to Kyiv again and again, I got acquainted with her relatives and some of her friends. I fell in love with Ukraine culture, traditions and its tasty cuisine. I loved everything that was connected with Natasha, her language, culture and her friends. I even started learning Ukrainian.

You’ve already know that our romantic story ended with a wedding ceremony and we are living together. Of course, now I am not so mad about this girl… our relations are more like a respect and appreciation of everything we’ve had together.

So, I made up my mind to write this story, because everyone should experience the same feeling. People should know what is love and emotional satisfaction of communication with a beloved person. Don’t waste your chance and sign up on findbridecomments or any other platform and look for your partner.