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Something about my online acquaintance.

Personally, I always preferred online communication to real one. It was easier for me to contact unknown people and discuss something with them. I could pretend to be totally another person or just be myself it doesn’t matter. However, when speaking about the further continuation of these online relations it never ended with something serious and meaningful.

When a reached a phase of my life when I wanted to build serious relations, I decided to change something in this constant online chatting. Of course, I had top list of platforms that I used for online communication, but they were of no use if speaking about something serious. So, I searched for some kind of info on this topic and found so much useful. I learned about Slavic women and about their motivation to find a foreign partner and leave the country. Maybe, such a motivation may seem strange for some people, but I don’t care.

I think that everybody does something for a reason and when you understand this motivator, it becomes much easy to understand a person. The thing with Slavic girls is that you know why they so desperately searching for marriage with a guy from another country. First of all, it is because of financial instability in their own region and the long list of explanations can go on and go on.

So, I have chosen find-bride site for a reason and this reason is connected with pretty Russian women. I signed up and everything started as usual. A standard online flirt with lots of pretty girl, nothing really differed this website from a huge number of others that I used before. Maybe several additional features, lower prices than on most dating platforms and that is it.

I chatted with lots of women and I noticed something similar in their nature. Most of them were so sincere even if it wasn’t tactful. They shared everything about their plans, some harmful relations and everything of such a type.

After a month or so, I met Kate. I didn’t think that it would develop in something serious with her. She was too shy in comparison with other girls. Sometimes, it was difficult for her to share standard things and till this moment I could not understand why.

Generally, everything was okay. Nevertheless, I spend lots of time to drew her attention and persuade her for our real meeting. At that time, she said that she wasn’t ready for new relations, but everything changed rather quickly.

To cut a long story short, we had several dates and even flew to Bali together. We are at the stage of relations right now when everything seems ideal we understand each other perfectly and there are no routine between our passion. We are discussing our live together and hope in a month or so she will move to me. I don’t want to speed anything up. Every stage of relations is charming and tender in its way.