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I met the prettiest woman in the whole world!

The way we sometimes meet our girlfriends can occur accidentally with no evident explanation to this. At one period of my life, I thought that all the acquaintances are pre-planned by our life pass and we couldn’t change anything. All my ex-girlfriend were dating me without a particular reason, the same was from my side.

That’s why after several break ups, I decided to find the woman that would suit all my requirements and needs in terms of normal relations. The only possible way to find such a girl was to use a dating website. So, I signed up on findbridecomments and started searching for a partner with special criteria, and even when a lady contacted me first, but she was not my type, I stopped this useless chat.

Week after week and I had no results of this search. Due to this fact, I used this resource less and less but one day I met her and everything changed. She was just perfect for me, despite our age difference. Katia was fifteen years younger than I was and it was a huge boundary for me. This was mainly because of my personal believes. Despite of my hesitations we got acquainted.

Than another thing bothered me, I thought that all my ideas of online dating may be just faked. Maybe it was all like a business idea for getting money from the registered members. This period of my hesitations also ended at one point.

I continued my online relations with Katia and found one more woman who interested me. We communicated for three months and Katia started insisting on our real date. She said that this online communication can be endless and it was better to meet in reality while the other lady wasn’t so active. And I flew to Ukraine for our date.

I flew with such a strange feeling, because I didn’t expect to fell in love. I just waited for a standard boring date with a woman from another country, with very beautiful woman. She met me at the airport and my fears had proved. She was just a pretty lady and no real emotions and life priorities. But at the end of the date she apologized for such a meeting and shocked me with the news. Her grandad died the day before and she tried to keep from crying all that evening. I was not prepared for such an explanation and she just walk home, I didn’t know how to react.

I totally changed my mind towards this pretty girl with such a strong will power to come to a date in such a state. So, I radically changed my plans and stayed in Ukraine for several weeks, we met almost every day, I tried to distract her in any possible way. She really needed a support and I tried to do my best. We just walked and chatted about everything, I didn’t want to leave her alone any more, but I should.

After this couple of weeks, I returned to Ukraine three or four times, but in the statues of her official boyfriend. I fell in love with Katia, maybe not from the first sight but she impressed me, I found something special in this tiny little and reserved woman.

As for our relations, at this point we are planning her arrival and dealing with some visa troubles. Hope she will fly to my place as soon as it will be possible.