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How I met my love on the dating website

Now I consider myself the happiest man in the world. There is an evident reason for this - I met my love. I had signed up on find-bride and frankly speaking didn’t accept it as a serious platform for long-term relations. I thought about it like of a usual website where I can chat with pretty ladies. I used it for several months prior I understood that most of the users I chatted with are seriously oriented on finding a life partner. I started discussion of this topic with them, and I felt a little bit confused at first. Due to the fact, that I chatted with them just for fun but mentioned in my profile that I am searching for long-term relations. When I changed my statues on just friendship. Only one user left in my chat room.

How I met my love on the dating website

Lera told me that I am a good friend and she wanted to continue our communication any way. I was a little bit shocked because I had rather huge list of women whom I chatted with. So, our communication with Lera reached another level and we were chatting like two sincere friends without any secrets and hesitations. We communicated for 3 months or something like this and I found myself always checking her messages, watching her photos. When she didn’t reply for several day I felt really lonely.

One day I confessed myself that I has some feelings and they are growing every day. Sometimes I even felt angry because she didn’t answer some of my message or she was offline for couple of days. So, I decided to organize a real date and I really wanted to meet the women that I liked only online.

So, she met me at the airport and we spent three unforgettable days together. I felt in love with this gorgeous girl. She was that type, which I loved. I didn’t want to leave her and asked if she could fly with me. Of course, she refused. I returned in a month and we’d been together for two wonderful weeks. After my second arrival she understood that I was serious in my intentions and she agreed to fly with me but only for a short time period.

These several meetings proved our real feelings and now we are planning to live together. Maybe we will even have a wedding with all our relatives and friends. We talk every day and text each other romantic messages. I am still waiting for an ideal life together with my sweetheart, but I am not lonely any more. I have serious relationship plans and perspectives in live. I know what for to live and achieve my goals.

Personally, I think that without this dating website you wouldn’t meet my love. I am too shy to come to unknown person and get acquainted. Online dating is the best possible variant for me, and for the huge amount of people as well. We are too shy to contact with unknown woman, and women are really scared of accepting this first step. All of us are so reserved in terms of important life steps and online world is helping with this problem. Or maybe it has created this trouble?

How I met my love on the dating website

If you think that online dating isn’t the right choice for you, maybe you are right. But try this variant at first and only after you may affirm that it is not your way.